• The 100

    Image The 100
    The 100

    100 years in the future, when the Earth has been abandoned due to radioactivity, the last surviving humans live on an ark orbiting the planet — but the ark won't last forever. So the repressive regime picks 100 expendable juvenile delinquents to send down to Earth to see if the planet is still habitable.

    Image The 100
  • True Detective

    Image True Detective
    True Detective

    An American anthology police detective series utilizing multiple timelines in which investigations seem to unearth personal and professional secrets of those involved, both within or outside the law.

    • GenresDrama
    • Director
    • Cast
    Image True Detective
  • Fargo

    Image Fargo

    A close-knit anthology series dealing with stories involving malice, violence and murder based in and around Minnesota.

    Image Fargo
  • The Flash

    Image The Flash
    The Flash

    After a particle accelerator causes a freak storm, CSI Investigator Barry Allen is struck by lightning and falls into a coma. Months later he awakens with the power of super speed, granting him the ability to move through Central City like an unseen guardian angel. Though initially excited by his newfound powers, Barry is shocked […]

    Image The Flash

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