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Halo (TV Series)

Depicting an epic 26th-century conflict between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant, the series weaves deeply drawn personal stories with action, adventure and a richly imagined vision of the future.
  • Director Kyle Killen, Steven Kane
  • Cast Bentley Kalu, Bokeem Woodbine, Charlie Murphy, Christina Bennington, Cristina Rodlo, Danny Sapani, Fiona O'Shaughnessy, Jen Taylor, Joseph Morgan, Kate Kennedy, Natascha McElhone, Natasha Culzac, Olive Gray, Pablo Schreiber, Shabana Azmi, Tylan Bailey, Viktor Åkerblom, Yerin Ha
  • 86%

Season 1

9 Episodes from Mar, 2022 until May, 2022
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    S01-E01 Chapter 1: Contact

    Thursday, March 24th, 2022
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    S01-E02 Chapter 2: Unbound

    Thursday, March 31st, 2022
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    S01-E03 Chapter 3: Emergence

    Thursday, April 7th, 2022
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    S01-E04 Chapter 4: Homecoming

    Thursday, April 14th, 2022
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    S01-E05 Chapter 5: Reckoning

    Thursday, April 21st, 2022
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    S01-E06 Chapter 6: Solace

    Thursday, April 28th, 2022
  • img

    S01-E07 Chapter 7: Inheritance

    Thursday, May 5th, 2022
  • img

    S01-E08 Chapter 8: Allegiance

    Thursday, May 12th, 2022
  • img

    S01-E09 Chapter 9: Transcendence

    Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Season 2

5 Episodes from Mar, 2022 until May, 2022
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    S02-E01 Chapter 1: Sanctuary

    Thursday, February 8th, 2024
  • img

    S02-E02 Chapter 2: Sword

    Thursday, February 8th, 2024
  • img

    S02-E03 Chapter 3: Visegrad

    Thursday, February 15th, 2024
  • img

    S02-E04 Chapter 4: Reach

    Thursday, February 22nd, 2024
  • img

    S02-E05 Chapter 5: Aleria

    Thursday, February 29th, 2024
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