The Best Free Movie Streaming Sites (Updated 2023)

We have made a list of the best streaming sites to watch movies and series online for free, considering various aspects: catalog, video quality, streaming speed, amount of advertising, ease of navigation, extras (subtitles, user registration) and update speed , and these are the ones we consider to be the best currently on the entire web:

  1. - Not because we host the site means that we are gonna lie about it. We know exactly what users want for the perfect movie streaming site and we achieved! has one of the biggest movie and tv shows collections around internet, the fastest streaming player, we update the new releases fastest than anyone else and the best; we are totally ADS FREE!

  2. - An old acquaintance who counts among his greatest strengths an enormous catalog of movies and tv shows. It has several playback options and in general is very fast and has a clean and easy-to-navigate interface. Fmovies has some advertising and popups but is not really annoying to use.

  3. - Other well-known movie website. It offers a huge catalog of movies and series, like the previous sites, and in excellent video quality, it also offers subtitles in several languages. As a disadvantage, it has advertising although it is not very invasive or annoying.  

  4. - Who doesn't know sopa2day today? Although the main site is no longer available, several sites use its name to try to gain a space among the site's followers. This is the best of them we found. This new soap2day, like the original, offers thousands of movies and series for free and also with subtitles in many available languages. As a disadvantage, the advertising can sometimes be annoying and the player is not as fast and reliable as the original.

  5. - For many, this site is the best and is one of the most loved because of the number of movies and series it offers, the speed in which it updates its results and because it works on both desktop and mobile.

  6. - This site is one of the fastest growing and it is precisely because in addition to offering an extensive catalog of movies and series to watch online, it has little advertising and the quality of its videos is in HD.

  7. - It recently had to change its domain but that doesn't mean it is still one of the most popular, it has an extensive catalog of movies and series in HD. As a disadvantage it has a lot of advertising.

  8. - Bflix has the advantage that it has an apk to be used as an app on Android, which allows you to use it on mobile phones in a more practical and simple way. It has a catalog of more than 5000 movies and series, it offers content in HD. The disadvantages are the high amount of advertising and many of its releases are in low quality or on CAM quality.

  9. - This site offers the possibility of having a paid membership to enjoy its content in 1080p HD and without advertising, however its free version is still quite attractive, it offers content in 720p and more than 10,000 movies and series make up its catalog.

  10. - Another site that has the option of a membership to avoid restrictions on movies that have been released for more than 5 years, and to be able to watch them in 1080p HD quality. The free version is limited only to the latest releases, has advertising and the video quality is 720p HD.

Note: This list is constantly updated, so we recommend you save it in your favorites and consult it periodically.

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